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Arthur Drummond

Arthur Drummond (1874-1938)

Arthur Drummond was born in Denver, Colorado in 1874 to Albert and Elizabeth Drummond.

In 1882 Arthur came to Idaho and Oregon and then to settled in Owyhee County. He became a colorful figure in the southwestern Idaho cattle history. He married Lillie Vasser and had one son named Frank. He purchased the 5 Bar Ranch from Irvin Loveland in 1910. In 1925 he sold the ranch to Jim Anderson and then bought the Starr Valley Ranch (80 miles east of McDermitt, Nevada) in 1927.

Arthur Drummond and Glenn Walcutt, 1916

Arthur turned the ranching operation over to his son Frank and went to running mustangs. He became known to many as the "king of the mustangers." He traded his freight wagons and teams to Ed Stauffer of the Circle Bar for 60 head of mares. The Drummond's outfit became one of the largest horse operations in the area (the Owyhee Desert). He gathered large herds of horses, which they drove to Winnemucca, Nevada and shipped them out by train. This was between 1915 and 1937. Drummond was an excellent roper and would rope anything big or small regardless of the size of his saddle horse. He was well known in Idaho and Oregon for his knowledge of wild horses, which he dedicated his life to.

In January of 1938 at the age of 68, he was found dead in his horse corrals in Nampa, Idaho, due to a heart attack.

Arthur Drummond was inducted into the Buckaroo Hall of Fame in September 1991.