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Thomas C Pedroli
Tom Pedroli

Thomas C Pedroli (1913- )

Tom was born in Winnemucca, Nevada in 1913. He was one of seven children born to Peter and Sibbali Pedroli. Tom, his sisters, Rena Risi and Veronica Bois are the three left in his family. He attended Winnemucca Grammar School and Humboldt County High School.

His love of horses is in his memories of his early years. When around age six he rode a white mare during the Fourth of July Winnemucca Rodeo Parade. He remembers the rodeo grounds in four different locations. First on East Second Street where they had a baseball park, then behind the Humboldt County School Administration building formally Humboldt County High School building, then at the end of the cemetery about where Jerry’s Restaurant is located. This was the rodeo ground for many years; it was built around 1930. During his growing up years Tom was involved in Rodeos, racing and roping. He was always involved in the McDermitt Rodeo’s participating and helping. Horses have always played an important part in his life.

Growing up he visited and worked on many ranches during the summer months, especially in the Jackson Mountain area ranches such as DeLong, Deer Creek, Pine Forest and Capelli’s. He rode for Miller and Lux under the Cowboss Harry Wilson. During his school days he worked for his brother Pete at the Winnemucca Market Spot, cutting meat. Not liking town life he left after graduation, to work haying and riding.

On July 13, 1932 he stopped at the Nouque Ranch in McDermitt and got a job. This led to 62 years at the Nouque Ranch and a partnership with John Nouque. In 1993 Tom married Honorine Bengoa, and had 4 stepchildren, Margarita and Tim DeLong, Kathy and Frank Bengoa and four grandchildren; Timmy Lyn and Rita Delong, Colleen and Ross Bengoa.

After horses Tom loves sports and the kids involved. He was the score and timekeeper at McDermitt Combined School for 27 years. He retired in 1987 having missed only one game. He served the State of Oregon as Brand Inspector until 1982, 44 years in all. His life was happy and full. Horses, ranch work family and friends all made it great. At the time of this writing, Tom still lives and works on the ranch out of McDermitt, Nevada with his partner John Nouque.

Tom was inducted into the Buckaroo Hall of Fame in September 1999.