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Henry Dave

Henry Dave (1885-1980)

Henry was born Henry Tybo on February 14, 1885 in Unionville, Nevada. He later took the last name of his step-father which was Dave. He married Lucy Bliss and they had three children, Nina, Irene and Glen, and in addition to their children they raised several nieces.

When Henry was only fourteen years old he went to work for the Bliss Brothers. They had vast holdings -- the Bliss included five ranches, the CS, Bullhead, Kelly Creek, North Fork and the O’Farrell. He worked on these ranches for a total of 68 years until he retired at the age of eight-two. Though the ranches were sold several times in those years, Henry remained with them. Quite a remarkable record.

After his retirement, Henry lived with relatives in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was interviewed in 1971 for an article in The Nevadan. He had witnessed many things in the years on those ranches from Butch Cassidy’s men camping there before the robbery of the Winnemucca Bank in 1900 to the killing of Shoshone Mike and his followers in 1911.

Henry Dave died in the hospital in Lovelock, Nevada in 1980 at the age of ninety-five.

He was inducted into the Buckaroo Hall of Fame in 2001.