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Garley Amos

Garley Amos (1911-1988)

Garley Amos was born January 24, 1911. He was the oldest of seventeen children born to John and Bessie Amos in Comstock, Nebraska. When Garley was fifteen, after working in a livery stable, and on the family farm, he left home by hopping a freight train and headed west to help improve his family's situation. Years later he recalled how cold it was in Green River, Wyoming. When told 2 degrees below zero wasn't cold, Garley replied, "It sure as hell is if all you have on is the shirt on your back."

The first job he got in Nevada was on the Lucky Seven Ranch at McDermitt, Nevada. Here he became acquainted with Pete Pedroli, and a friendship was formed that would last as long as both lived. Garley eventually landed a job on the Diamond S Ranch at Golconda, and became the Cow Boss for the Stalls.

In 1942 Garley married Helen Stall. They lived a few years at the Crooked Creek Ranch which Garley managed. During this period, their first child, John was born.

After 2½ years Garley bought the Dolly Hayden Ranch which was located southwest of Winnemucca. He worked many different jobs along with trying to build up his own outfit. He worked for Joaqin Ballard at the Sonoma Ranch, then rode home to work at his own place. Garley and Joaqin were good friends and he helped him by being a good advisor to Garley. Garley ran hunting camps and also did some mustanging (wild horse running) at this time. There are many experiences about running of the feral horses related in Ted Barber's book, "The Barnstorming Mustanger". They used a parada of gentle horses and Ted had a mare he called "Polly, who was trained to head for the trap corral when some wild ones were coming.

Garley and Helen lived on the Dolly Hayden many years, trying to build up their cattle herd and the ranch. There were hard times during this period, the worst being when their first born John, died from an asthma attack because they were unable to get medical assistance in time. Three more children were born to Garley and Helen; Garley Jr., Charley and Maryanne. They sold the Dolly Hayden and moved to the River Ranch so the children could get to school. They spent 13 years there. At one point there was a fire in White Horse canyon which destroyed 103 head of their cattle.

Like others of that era, he was quite resourceful at improvising and making do with what was at hand. He made his own dehorning chute and made and maintained his haying equipment.

Garley raised his own horses, broke them and sold them. He derived satisfaction from the fact that all his children had attended college. Garley was a man that enjoyed his vocation and life. His children summed it up best when they said that growing up around their father was filled with fond memories.

Garley passed away June 16, 1988. Garly Amos was inducted into the Buckaroo Hall of Fame in September 2003.