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Hugh W Cahill

Hugh William Cahill (1914-1985)

Hugh William Cahill was born Nov. 1, 1914 at Fort Bidwell, California to William W. Cahill and Ellen McManus Cahill. He had five brothers, all now deceased; and one sister, Anna Cahill O'Sullivan.

He married Margaret Neilan, a schoolteacher, in 1940. They had one son, Con Cahill.

Hugh Cahill lived and worked on the family ranch at Adel, OR, until he was about 30 years of age, and then was hired as buckaroo boss for the MC Ranch at Warner Valley, until about 1957. They moved to Lakeview, OR in 1959 and Hugh became a state brand inspector. Then they purchased the Wakefield place in south Warner Valley in 1965 and that is where Wilfred Ruecker remembers first becoming acquainted with him in 1966.

Wilfred first heard the name Hugh Cahill in 1948 from Casper Gunderson, who told him Hugh could put a sliding stop on a horse repeatedly for minutes at a time and the horse would never get mad.

According to Wilfred: ‘In later years. I heard more about Hugh Cahill's ability with both snaffle bit and Spanish bit (bridle) horses’. An uncle, Jay McManus, of Fort Bidwell, CA who was a good hand with a horse and probably taught Hugh some of the basics of horsemanship when he was younger.

Wilfred says: ‘I was told Hugh Cahill never got on a horse without his tail being tied up’. An old Spanish Vaquero tradition sometimes referred to as a mud knot. Wilfred also recalls ‘If Hugh Cahill rode a horse once and didn't like him he wouldn't ride him again’ but, also says ‘Hugh Cahill was one heck of a cowboy’.

Hugh Cahill was inducted into the Buckaroo Hall of Fame in September 2004.