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Claude Bryson

Claude Bryson (1920-____)

Claude Bryson was born at Prineville, Oregon on May 3, 1920 to Joe and Grace Bryson. He had a sister, Edna, who was seventeen months older and a brother, Harold who was about eighteen months younger.

Bryson's home ranch was on Bear Creek, and they had another place a little farther up the country that bordered on the Maury Mtn. Reserve in the Ochoco Forest.

Claude said he couldn't see or think anything but horses so he left home and worked at the ZX wagon. He said Buster Vaughn would take him with him if he were going to work cattle at Fort Klamath.

Claude was drafted into the army in 1941 and took his basic training at Fort Lewis, Washington.

He was with the 106 infantry till he volunteered and was shipped overseas as a replacement for the 6th armored Infantry Battalion under Gen. Bluggett. He spent a year on the front lines, and was a scout for "C" Company. Claude was wounded during the Battle of the Bulge, and spent three months in the Army Hospital in Cirencester, England. Claude was discharged from the Army in October 1945.

In the spring of 1946 he went back to the ZX for a while followed by sometime in Arizona breaking horses and running wild cattle.

He says he spent two seasons running wild horses with Ted Barber and Chug Utter. We got around 5000 head per season.

"In 1957 Lyle Woods and I roped 209 head of horses in the Glass Buttes, Hampton Buttes area in Oregon." A running horse fell with me and broke my back and three ribs loose from my back. I went to a hospital at Ely Nevada.

"Then I got married to Margaret Gifford. We had six children, Wanda, Jim, Tom, Susan, Alan, and Joe.

During this time he was foreman for Charley Sewill at Riddle, Idaho. Claude rated it a good outfit. It had a permit for 4800 head of cattle, and he always had 1000 to 1200 head of horses. Charley Sewill sold the ranch to an Arizona family that due to poor management they lost it all. Then he worked 5½ years for the IL Ranch in northern Nevada as the cow boss. The IL ran 8000 head of cattle. Then he moved to Idaho, as his oldest girl was ready for high school.

After the move to Idaho he spent 4½ years as cow boss at the Roaring Springs Ranch in Oregon, where Allied had 6500 head of cattle.

As his family was growing up he moved back to Idaho. He worked for Emmett Livestock Yard for 12 years then worked for 3 years as cow boss for AL Cattle Co.

Claude said he worked 18 years with the Gem County Mosquito Control, but still has three saddle horses and takes in some calf brandings and team ropes a few steers, which he hopes to continue for some time.

Claude Bryson was inducted into the Buckaroo Hall of Fame in September 2005.