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Official Website for the Buckaroo Hall of Fame & Heritage Museum
est. 1988, incorporated 1989, Winnemucca, Nevada

Here you will find some original history behind
Buckaroo and Vaquero lifestyles and traditions

Don't Call them Cowboys
from Walt Wentz

Where the Old West still lives -- in the Great Basin areas of Oregon, Nevada and Idaho -- they call themselves Buckaroos, not cowboys.

It's an important distinction in the Buckaroo Hall of Fame in Winnemucca, Nevada. Here you will find no rhinestone rodeo cowboys, no Hollywood cowboys in white hats, but real working cattlemen & horsemen who lived, or still live, anywhere within 200 miles of Winnemucca, Nevada.

The town itself is a holdover from the Wild West, the place where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid made their last big haul and got away clean -- and where the more law-abiding cattlemen of the day came in to get supplies, to find work, to take care of business and have a bit of pleasure.

Today, the big visitor's center on Main Street looks like a cross between an Old West gambling hall and a sports arena, and the new and growing Buckaroo Hall of Fame occupies pride of place on the ground floor. Here you will find artwork, photos and memorabilia... saddles, guns, braided riatas (hand-woven lariats), brands and other working gear used by Buckaroos.

It was Carl Hammond, then of Golconda, Nevada, who first got the idea for the Buckaroo Hall of Fame. His great uncle Frank, and his father, Francis Hammond were life-long working Buckaroos. "They were the reason I started it; Dad took me on the buckaroo wagons when I was 6 and 7, back in the early 60's when there were no fences, and it was still open range in Nevada," recalls Carl, raised in proper buckaroo tradition.

It is to preserve that vanishing history that the Buckaroo Hall of Fame was incorporated in 1989. Three buckaroos were inducted into the Hall of Fame that first year, and three or four more have been inducted every year since then. The result is a low-keyed but unsparingly authentic glimpse of what the life of a buckaroo was really like.

Carl F. Hammond, founder
Call Carl for more info (541) 573-2921 or
email: BuckarooHallofFame@yahoo.com


The Buckaroo Hall of Fame is located at:
The Winnemucca Convention Center
30 West Winnemucca Boulevard
Winnemucca, Nevada 89445
tel: (775) 623-5071

"Buckaroo Legends of the Great Basin" Volume 1:
was introduced at the Buckaroo Hall of Fame ceremony 09-03-11. It is a nice hard cover 8"x10", 240 page book with a dust jacket, containing 82 inductees from 1990 through 2011 with photos and history. $110 (includes S&H).

Volume 2: a 70 pg hardcover with the 2012 - 2015 inductees. $55 (add +$5 for S&H).
Email Carl to order.

“A Long Dust On The Desert,” another buckaroo book written by 2011 inductee Ed Hanks & his wife Ella, is available exclusively through the Buckaroo Hall of Fame; it is a soft cover, and is $18 (includes S&H). It is a very nice book with (true) turn of the 20th century buckaroo stories from Ed's exciting life as one of the early Nevada buckaroos.


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